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Roof Leaking Problem?

Creased/fracture shingle

The picture here shows some fracturing/creasing in an asphalt shingle.


These fractures/creases are caused by either hail damage or simply an old shingle.

The job of any kind of shingle is to protect the felt that is underneath. Shingle are more weather resistant and designed to take some of mother nature's influences.

Felt or underlayment is what does the work in terms of keeping your home water tight. All though underlayment is behind preventing water leaking into your home. This product is easily damage once a shingle has exposed it to the elements.


There are different types of underlayment roofers can use when applying a new roof or reroofing. 

  • Felt Underlayment

  • Self-Adhered Underlayment

  • Synthetic Underlayment

In Mississippi we use synthetic underlayment on roofing jobs we take. 

Some reasons behind why we use a synthetic are that 

  • Repels water rather than absorbing it

  • Less prone to ripping to high winds during installation 

  • Holds nails more securely

  • Weight is lighter


Stormguard for leak prevention

One product we use for extra protection from leaking is a film-surface leak barrier.  This barrier prevents leaks at the most vulnerable areas of your shingle or metal roofing system caused by wind-driven rain, ice dams, and roof settling.

Also this barrier will reduce the risk of costly repairs due to wall or ceiling staining from leaks.

Will also prevent leaks due to water backing up in your gutters.


Click the picture above to read more about StormGuard® Film-Surface Leak barrier 

Let's Work Together

Contact us for a free inspection or fill out a form online. We work with our client's insurance to make sure you as our client will get the maximum benefits of our services and your insurances

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